IKONIK isn’t about small boxes. We’re about thinking big and shaping your own future. We understand the passion to explore your options, learn more and reach wide.

So, what do we do?

We help equip New Zealanders for the future with advice on KiwiSaver, personal and business insurance, and wills. And we’re committed to mentoring a new generation of potential business leaders who want to grow their professional and personal skills. 

We have a range of hands-on IKONIK internships up for grabs. Each role involves real work, and provides the opportunity to be considered for a fulltime role at the end. All we ask from you is that you have a genuine desire to help others.

Social Media and Marketing:

You’ll have the opportunity to assist our marketing manager with research and developing content for campaigns which include landing pages, lead generation, and direct marketing via various social media platforms. Put your marketing skills to the test, while learning on the spot!

CRM Automation & Ongoing Projects:

We use of one the most sophisticated and popular CRM software platforms in the market. It automates and integrates everything from lead generation, landing pages, social media campaigns and much more. You’ll learn how to use CRM software with confidence, and add an in-demand skillset to your CV. 

Office Support & Customer Service:

Day-to-day office support from admin tasks through to organising appointments for our advisers with existing clients (no cold calling). Develop solid office management skills, and hone your phone skills.


Keen to enter the world of sales? Learn about KiwiSaver, our education and sales process, what an adviser does and how they change lives. Take away valuable skills that will help you in any future business role.


Learn how to generate insurance reports and market comparisons for our existing clients. Insurance is a complex and detail driven field, so there’s lots to learn.

Why intern with us?

  • We are a highly motivated and professional business with a unique work culture.
  • We’re outgoing, friendly, and team and client focused. We’re all about people.
  • We are in growth mode. If at the end of your internship you’re interested in becoming an IKONIK adviser, and you’ve proven you have the skills and aptitude, we will offer you a permanent position.
  • Our high-performing advisers earn over $100k per annum, without sitting in an office all day.

What you need to know:

  • Internship roles are unpaid, but we contribute $100 per week towards travel costs.
  • Like real estate agents, advisers are required to pay their own yearly registration fees and professional indemnity insurance (approximately $2000 a year). If you join us as an adviser, we will pay your first year’s registration fees.
  • Our internships are a minimum of 20 hours a week, and working hours are generally between 9am-5pm.

If you’re keen to take control of your own future - and make a difference to others - then we’d love to hear from you.

We can provide INSURANCE COMPARISONS for all the major banks and insurance companies in the New Zealand market.