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Here's what our clients have to say about us.

Awesome service, very fast and effective towards sorting out our problems and offering the best possible help we can get. Cheers IKONIK

Logan Russell

The representatives are really helpful, they helped me understand how insurance and KiwiSaver works. I have recommended them to my family & friends who are also receiving help from IKONIK. Thank you!

Tiana N Tiane Helu

IKONIK helped me with my life insurance and to have a better understanding. I highly recommend to all of you. Thank you so much IKONIK❤😊👍🏿

Nalaka Kulathunga

IKONIK have presented multiple 30 minute workshops for numerous classes of ours. They are always professional and always deliver a wealth of knowledge and great insight with regards to topics like home ownership and KiwiSaver. Always a pleasure having liaising and linking up with IKONIK.

Jason Sampson

I have come away with a greater understanding of how my KiwiSaver can grow and look forward to what the future holds in regard to buying a house.

Sarah Ashley

I’ve learned and understood KiwiSaver better, it’s changed my thinking completely. Have had a great amount of help and support with getting my insurance sorted out too, and yeah shout out to the IKONIK team you all are awesome! Thank you

Shanon Sharma

The Staff and team are very knowledgeable and trustworthy

Ammar Sabgan

I have just had a meeting with an amazing person from IKONIK who provided me with some great advice and in the process signed me up to a more suitable KiwiSaver provider. I must say she was absolutely brilliant in her role, thank you so much for your help and advice 💯👌

Ellen Dunn

Thank you IKONIK, it was a pleasure meeting with you. Appreciate the insights and can’t wait to maximise my KiwiSaver.

Shazil Mohammed

Thanks IKONIK for all the help with KiwiSaver and medical insurance. Highly recommended 👌

JT Etana

IKONIK helped me with my insurance and to have a better understanding of what I am paying for and what I will get out of it.

Anne Marie Toafa