I am years old my fund type is
my annual income is
my KiwiSaver balance is

I will contribute of my income and my employer will contribute on top

Real balance at 65: $0
Weekly amount: $0

We have used certain assumptions in this calculator, which play an important part in the final results shown to you on this page. These assumptions are set by the Financial Markets Authority and the government. The key assumptions are as follows: Inflation is 2% p.a. Salary growth is 3.5%. Retirement Age is 65. Age at which weekly payments cease is 90. Investment returns after fees and taxes for Defensive 1.5%, Conservative 2.5%, Balanced 3.5%, Growth 4.5%, Aggressive 5.5%. 

The rates of return are after tax of 28% (the highest PIR for KiwiSaver members) and average fees for the fund type. Investment returns post-retirement 2.5%. Weekly payments are calculated in real terms as a current dollar amount.
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These figures only relate to KiwiSaver and do not take into account any other retirement savings or income you may have or be entitled to. These figures are estimates only. They are calculated based on your current balance, contribution rate, and fund choice, and an assumed rate of investment returns of based on your selected fund type.

Your weekly amount figure is based on a life expectancy of 90, and does not include your New Zealand Superannuation entitlements.

Your KiwiSaver account returns are subject to investment and other risks (including potential losses). No returns are guaranteed or assured, and returns can at times be negative, particularly given the length of the investment period shown in the illustration. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance and returns over different periods may differ.