Meet the 2018 Financial Advice New Zealand Excellence in Advice Award Winner!
Camilla Gribble
Camilla is on a mission to empower as many families as possible to become financially literate and secure.
As the founder of IKONIK KiwiSaver & Insurance Specialists, she has transformed the lives of thousands, especially families in lower socio-economic areas.
That’s just one of the reasons why Camilla received one of the industry’s most prestigious awards at the Financial Advice New Zealand Excellence in Advice Awards on 27 September.
The judges were impressed by her client-centric service, innate financial knowledge, and her commitment to showing up for members of the community that others might have overlooked.
“What impressed us most was Camilla’s outstanding work in providing financial literacy education programmes to the lower socio-economic community in her area,” the judging panel commented.
Camilla was one of only three people to receive an Excellence in Advice Award, and was the only woman.
A young female from South Auckland, she is seen as a trailblazer and changemaker in the financial advice industry – which has historically been a conservative, male-dominated industry.
Her inspiring life journey, and numerous industry achievements, have made her a role model for young women in business.
“I’m passionate about making financial literacy education available to everyone, especially women and our Maori and Pacific Island community,” says Camilla, who founded IKONIK in early 2015.
“It scares me how many New Zealanders have not received advice about how to maximise KiwiSaver or how to choose the right insurance to protect their families. I feel very fortunate to lead a team of incredible financial advisers who are determined to solve this issue.”
One of the main ways Camilla and her team teach financial literacy is through their free KiwiSaver workshops in local workplaces.
IKONIK advisers are invited into workplaces to educate employees about KiwiSaver and insurance. Attendees often walk away feeling lighter, brighter, and more confident about their financial future.
“I hope being recognised by Financial Advice New Zealand will help me educate more everyday Kiwis about the importance of financial literacy,” says Camilla.
“I’m extremely humbled to be one of three advisers to win an Excellence in Advice Award, and I look forward to continuing IKONIK’s important work in the community.”
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