Meet the IKONIK team – your team of insurance and KiwiSaver experts.

Camilla Gribble

Founder & Director

A real go-getter, with 17 years industry experience, Camilla is the founder & director of IKONIK. Thanks to her unwavering commitment to educating everyday Kiwis, she has enjoyed stand-out success in a typically traditional profession and given the industry a bit of a shake-up.
Camilla has made it IKONIK’s mission to empower Kiwis with the confidence to take care of their financial futures. She is passionate about the lifetime value of education and financial literacy, and understands the demand for simple, quality financial advice. She has surrounded herself with a go-getter team that wants to make a difference to Kiwi businesses and families.
Her inspiring life journey, and numerous industry achievements, have made her a role model for young women in business. She sees relationship building as essential in business, and her professional manner is complemented by her approachable personality. You’ll find she loves motivating others to realise that anything is possible if you have the drive and commitment.
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Irene Kemp

Business Manager

Irene is the go-to person in the IKONIK office. After starting out in office administration, she climbed the ranks in various companies before joining IKONIK as Business Manager.Irene has worked with IKONIK founder, Camilla Gribble for the last 8 years, and is well-known to our clients and highly valued for her loyalty.
Her tenacity and commitment to the job shines through in all her work, which includes overseeing office administration, client relationship management and making sure the day-to-day business runs smoothly.
Irene is professional, highly organised and results-focused. When things can be streamlined or done more efficiently, she makes it happen.Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to Irene and her negotiating intellect and attention to detail sees her fight tooth and nail to ensure clients get the best possible outcomes.
A major part of her role is liaising with insurance companies, and developing – and maintaining – positive relationships are important to her. Irene is just the kind of person you would want to have in your corner and is a key part of our team.

Valerie Christiansen

Marketing Manager

Valerie is our extremely talented, can do almost anything, marketing extraordinaire. Valerie’s many talents make her a huge asset to the IKONIK team.  Apart from her role as IKONIK’s Marketing Manager, she also provides administration support for our growing team of Insurance and KiwiSaver advisers.
Valerie joined our team in early 2016, but has worked with IKONIK’s owner Camilla Gribble in a previous role since 2013.

Quinn Tumai

Training & Compliance Manager

As soon as people meet Quinn, they realise he takes his role very seriously.Joining our IKONIK team was a new career move for Quinn, after 10 years in the New Zealand Police where he worked with and educated people from diverse backgrounds every day.
You could say Quinn is in his element when he meets someone for the first time and he needs to establish a rapport with them.
Treating every client with respect is essential. Whether Quinn is helping people understand the importance of saving for their retirement or how they can build a nest egg to buy their first home – he is passionate about the benefits of KiwiSaver and recognises the importance for his clients to establish a financially secure future.
Give Quinn a call now – he’s ready to answer the hard questions.
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Shona Mookerjee

Insurance and KiwiSaver Specialist

Sometimes great things happen when we least expect it.  This is exactly what happened for our dynamic KiwiSaver Adviser, Shona Mookerjee. Although she has been a loyal client for the last eight years, Shona recently witnessed first hand the difference IKONIK is making to everyday New Zealanders regarding KiwiSaver education.
Before IKONIK, Shona worked for one of New Zealand’s largest banks.
Shona gets a sense of satisfaction  when her clients are enlightened and recognise the potential for their financial future with KiwiSaver. Her commitment to helping people and her focus on financial education is a skill that is adding value for many of today’s young people.
She is very devoted to her role at IKONIK and looks forward to helping more people out with their KiwiSaver. Get in touch and book an appointment in as soon as you can!
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Rohan Oberoi

Insurance and KiwiSaver Specialist

After four years of working in the financial industry, Rohan was dismayed by the lack of financial education available. Then he discovered IKONIK. As soon as he realised IKONIK was focused on educating everyday Kiwis about their financial future, he joined the
team to throw his support behind this worthy mission.
Rohan is passionate about helping people achieve financial security. He excels at explaining complicated concepts in a simple, accessible way. He’s a professional, empathetic people-person with a gift for giving people the confidence to take control of their finances.
Knowledge-hungry and detail-oriented, Rohan prides himself on knowing more than the average adviser. He goes above and beyond to ensure his clients have quality insurances that actually meet their needs.
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Stacey Rawenata

KiwiSaver Specialist

When Stacey discovered the impactful work IKONIK advisers were doing in her community, she wanted in. She joined the team as a KiwiSaver and Insurance Adviser in January 2018 and hasn’t looked back.

Her role involves giving people the confidence to look into their financial futures and make savvy financial decisions. Stacey loves seeing people’s reactions when they understand how to make the most of their money; the tears of relief when they realise achieving their financial goals is actually possible.
Stacey joins IKONIK from a background in training and customer service. Compassionate and friendly, she is an excellent listener and enjoys talking to people. She’s also professional, driven, and thrives working as part of a team. She loves being part of the IKONIK family.
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Tai Tuala

Insurance and KiwiSaver Specialist

Altruistic and community-minded, Tai joined IKONIK because he saw an opportunity to help people gain clarity about their financial future.

His role as a KiwiSaver Adviser draws on his key strength: meeting and talking to people from all walks of life.
Tai’s friendly, outgoing and personable nature makes him a great fit for IKONIK. He is patient and has a great love for family. For Tai, the most satisfying part of the role is making a positive impact on his clients’ lives. Passionate and driven to succeed, he loves to see his work making a difference to the communities he serves.
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Denise Newton

Insurance and KiwiSaver Specialist

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Prasan Chandra

Insurance and KiwiSaver Specialist

A self-described ‘positive change maker’, Prasan joined IKONIK to empower future generations to
make the most of their money. In his role as a KiwiSaver and Insurance Specialist, he provides free advice and education to help people prepare for their financial futures.
Prasan joined IKONIK after spending several years working as a brand ambassador and technology
consultant for Samsung NZ. A problem solver by nature, he excels at implementing solutions quickly and efficiently – a skill that serves his KiwiSaver and insurance clients well.
He is easy-going, respectful, sociable, and friendly, with excellent networking skills. He enjoys meeting people from all backgrounds and brings a great sense of commitment and professionalism to all his work.
Prasan’s favourite part of the job is lifting people up and empowering them to find life-changing financial solutions. He feels a great sense of achievement knowing his clients have a better understanding about the importance of financial education.
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Melanie Breedon

KiwiSaver Specialist

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Johan Hansson

Financial Adviser – AFA

Passionate about personal finance and eager to share this passion with others, Johan thrives when he gets the privilege to help others take control of their financial future.

KiwiSaver is for many the main and only way they provide for their future, and making informed decision from start is crucial.Johan has almost 7 years of financial education and will explain, in a simple and understandable way, how KiwiSaver works and what’s in it for you.
For Johan this isn’t just a job, he wants to achieve a higher degree of financial literacy among the general public through taking control of and utilising KiwiSaver as investment vehicle.
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John Logan

KiwiSaver Specialist

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Dee Teao

KiwiSaver Specialist

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Andre Fernandes

KiwiSaver Specialist

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Ellen Agustin

Strategic Marketing Manager

Vel Riños

KiwiSaver Team Support Manager

April Hayag

Client Retention Manager

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